Thursday, March 25, 2010

They Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down

Today is gloomy. Yesterday was amazing! Sweetie is working. This weekend is shaping up to be awesome. So, today's topic? I'm not sure. A friend once told me that I need to blog more often. "Writers write," he said. Yeah, I know. I'm a busy girl. Sometimes I'm just busy being lazy.

My brain works sometimes even when I don't realize it. Sometimes, seemingly out of the blue, I'll come to a conclusion. Two days after a nothing-special conversation between Sweetie and I, I was working. I stopped dead in my tracks. I could show you exactly where I was and said to myself, "he's going to propose." I talked myself out of it, but it turns out that I was right. I wasn't even consciously thinking about it. I picture the inside of my brain to be full of little Fisher-Price looking people.. you know, kinda like Weebles? And, there are stacks and stacks and stacks of files as tall as the eye can see. There are sohpisticated ladders to reach each file drawer. The file cabinets surround groups of tables and on the second floor there is Command Central. I picture it to look like the airport where they organize all the flights.. kinda like the NASA with screens and switches and technology everywhere. These are the bosses. The guys searching the files are the workers. Equally important, they just have different jobs. So, when I have a question or am trying to remember something, the bosses send word down to the workers and then... They're OFF! Frantically searching, looking through files, papers scattering, until Eureka! There it is! The ANSWER! Then, they radio up to the bosses and the bosses pass the message on to me. Sometimes there just aren't any pressing questions. So, they just randomly pull out files and look at them or they organize the papers from the last big crisis. Sometimes they just have coffee and vending machine snacks and hypothisize on my life. They replay conversations. They look for subtext. They notify the bosses when maybe I should have looked at a problem from a different point of view. They are constantly filling out Correction Of Error reports. I'm continuously receiving information. Once in a while, they say, "Oh.. Lookee here. So-and-so is having an affair. Here's why we think so." Or, "This right here? This is changing. This here X will be a Y in a few days or weeks." I call it my Intuition. I've been told that I'm pretty intuitive. I can "guess" things before they happen. I predict things. However, I can't take all the credit. It's my Weebles. Sometimes, though, the Weebles try to protect me. Sometimes things happen that just totally throw me for a loop. Like when I found out that my brother had a drug addiction? Totally cracked my world. I couldn't believe it. Of course, looking back, you can see all the signs. I wonder if the Weebles have a special task force that say things like, "Nope. This is too damaging. Let's keep this in the dark until she finds out on her own." I wonder if I should call them the Denial Weebles.

Often, I'll have a question that I doesn't get an immediate answer. I picture the Weebles pulling an all nighter while I sleep. I can see a Boss Weeble getting everyone into a football huddle and saying, "Okay. She's sleeping. There are no pressing needs, so let's get this answer!" When I wake, and I'm doing some mundane task like brushing my teeth, I'll say, "Oh, yeah! I remember!" Then, all the Weebles cheer and go to bed while the next shift of Weebles take over.

When I don't go to the gym for two weeks, or blog for weeks.. I think that the motivational team of Weebles must be on vacation. They are sitting on a beach somewhere and they didn't leave enough instruction for the subsitute Weebles. But, I think they're back now. I went to the gym yesterday and I'm blogging today. Okay, so maybe it's not a stellar post and maybe my workout could have been more intense, but I'm DOING it, okay? Shut it, Spuds. Go write about some poop or something.


Spuds said...

Nope. Due to popular demand, I am swearing off any more posts about poop. This was a very insightful post! Who was that highly intelligent and handsome friend who told you that amazing bit of advice, "writers write"? He sounds like a freaking GENIUS!

The Diva said...

He really is a genius, and ruggedly handsome, too. But, don't tell him I said so. He might get a big(ger) head.