Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girl WINS!

In the epic battle of Girl versus Mother Nature, GIRL WON today! I battled the grey gloomy cloudy day and went to the gym. The elliptical and I were BFF's for 45 minutes. On Sunday, my gym doesn't open until 1, so I thought that getting there fifteen minutes later would be cool. I mean, who works out on Sunday, right? (It was my first time.) That gym was PACKED! I had to wait for a machine, which is rare. I was really tempted to walk out and talk Sweetie into going for a walk in the park, but right when I dialed his number, the gym fairy granted my wish. So, I did it. And, thank you to everyone that left me comments regarding my lack of motivation. Yay!

Sweetie asked me if I wanted to go to church with him today. I've never been to church for a regular Sunday service, but our neighbor is a youth minister and has invited us to visit his church. It was a very nice gesture, and I really did want to go, but you know what? I told Sweetie (in a very nice loving way) that I really needed some alone time. Sweetie is a free-lancer so he works whenever work is offered, but this time of year is pretty slow for him. That means when I'm home, he's home. It's usually a good thing, I love being with him. Good thing, too, since we're getting married and all. But, I'm pretty self-contained and I like to have some time to myself to do whatever I want. I really like to blast music in the house while I putter around and that's pretty inconsiderate, right? Unless it's music that we both like, but that's a slim selection. Anyway, I was alone for hours and I loved it!

My schedule this week allows me to go to the gym at least four times without really having to try too hard. To get my fifth workout in, I'll have to go before or after working a mid-shift. That is still a big obstacle. It's not impossible, just unlikely. I'm trying really hard to change my lifestyle. I'm trying to prove to myself that going before/after work is not that big of a deal. I believe that once it becomes a habit, I'll forget that it was ever an issue. I just wanted to let you all know that I did get back on track and I really and truly appreciate everyone that took the time to drop me a note. That Spuds guy sure is bossy, isn't he? He really is such a love and I'm sure he'll be mad that I said that. I ain't skeered.


Spuds said...

Get your teeth brushed and get in bed young lady! It's past 9 pm!

The Diva said...

You are SO not the boss of me. :)